Mo Dancing…Less Problems

dancingPicture this…you’re in traffic on the DVP (yes this IS the story of my life), you look in your rear-view mirror and #bam! (yes…hashtag bam exclamation point) you see a man who must be in his mid-to-late 40s dancing. Like dancing-slash-rapping-kinda dancing…in his car. He was going in! He was going in so hard that he must have been listening Jay Z or something. Actually not even or something, it was Jay Z he must have been listening to Jay Z.

He made me smile and for a brief moment I forgot I was even in traffic. I wanted to get out of my car and get into his to listen to whatever he was listening to and dance. I wanted to be in his space. But I didn’t…cause that wouldn’t be a good decision, that wouldn’t have been safe…not to mention an unmanned car on the DVP would cause even more problems.

So today…dance like no one’s watching…it’ll make you feel good and if perchance someone IS watching…it’ll make them feel good to.

“If you having a few problems I feel bad for you son…but if you dance like no one’s watching you won’t remember one” 😉

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