My Little Humans…

One thing being a parent has taught me is that I’m not a great human being. Shocked? Right…imagine how I feel.

Here’s the thing, I made the decision to become a parent because I felt that I had mastered the art of living and creating little humans to love, bestow all my knowledge on and train to carry on traditions, was the only logical next step. I thought it would be extremely selfish of me to hold on to all my life knowledge and experiences and not pass it down. And just so you know, the guarantee of having someone to love and care for me in my aged, diaper-denture-wearing stage of life never once crossed my mind. Not. Once. Ok…fine. Maybe that was like 83% of why I had kids.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, the more I teach my little humans the more they teach me. Case in point…two weeks ago Isaiah had football tryouts at school. Now as a bit of background, Isaiah’s love for team sports rivals only that of The Captain’s cousin Haave, who happens to be a wheelhouse of useful and useless sports facts. Isaiah previously played on a football team and was quite confident going into the tryout (actually he’s naturally a confident kid so not sure why I said that). After tryouts he felt he did well, he was sure he made the team. See? Confidence. Fast forward a few days…team names are posted and Isaiah’s name was not on the list.

While at work, I noticed that I missed a call from Isaiah. Then I got a text from The Captain,

‘Sai didn’t make the football team…surprisingly he’s ok with it’.

Not surprisingly I was not. Now, I’m about to give you a sneak peek into the silent thoughts that popped into my head, please do not judge.

How could he not make the team?!

Who’s in charge and what’s their number?

My son will be devastated and I’ve got to do something about this

Also not surprisingly…I got a follow-up text from The Captain (he too is a better human than me)

‘Everything will be ok…don’t worry about this’

When I saw Isaiah that evening, he was in fact fine with the decision. So fine that after he told me the news he said

‘But you know what Mom, I’m going to ask to be the manager of the team and ask to practice with them!’

See? Who is this kid? He’s so much better than me!

And he did exactly that. He practiced with the team and helped in any way that he could, so much so that the coaches made room for him on the team. He played his first game with the team on Monday…20 mins playing time.

He’s a better human than me.

  1. It is amazing to see our kids rise above us, and become wise in their own right. I still struggle with this one, as my mamma bear instinct reacts sometimes before I am even aware of it 🙂

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