Small reminders…

This week. This. Week.


So busy. So many things went wrong.

But so many other things went right. For one, I’m alive as are my family and friends. That’s good no?

Thursday was an incredibly insane day. I was at work for about 12 hours. Left before my boys were awake…don’t worry I snuck into their bedroom and kissed them before I left. At around 5pm when it was clear I wasn’t going home anytime soon I messaged The Captain to let him know. Then this happened…

Jess: Hey! Are one or both of your children available tonight?

Me: Uhm. What’s up? Lol

Jess: Just to hang out…intentionally loving the kids of the church. Ya know.

Crazy right? Of all days that my boys needed a bit extra loving…Thursday was the day. Yeah…you know me. I cried. I mean I was so in awe of how God takes care of the seemingly small things in our lives and orchestrates everything in perfect timing.

The boys had a great evening with Jess, The Captain had a little break and I was able to plow through work worry-free.

So undeserving. But thankful.

Then today, we got home and freshly baked brownies were left for us on our front step. Another surprise blessing from another friend.


So now…I’m on a mission to return the blessings that came my way this week. Because this is what makes the world a better place…loving others and looking for ways to make the world a little better for those around us.

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