One moment


I love, love, love Humans of New York and I tell everybody who would listen to me how awesome that movement is. It’s very, very seldom that a photo and story that is shared doesn’t touch me in someway or another.

When I saw this one last week, my heart broke. Teachers matter was what kept ringing through my head.

That one story, that one photo, that one chance meeting with the mastermind behind HONY had HUGE impact on Mott Hall Bridges Academy.

After seeing a need, a fundraiser was launched to send the scholars that attend Mott Hall Bridges Academy to visit Harvard. $875,000 was raised in little over a week – which would mean annual trips to Harvard and summer programs for the scholars.

It’s so exciting! I bet the scholars of the school are even more excited and amazed that someone noticed and even better that they showed they cared.

It doesn’t take a lot. You don’t need millions, you just need to touch one. Show one person that you care and watch the ripple effect.

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