Two years in the making

This story began about 2 years ago with the onset of the Rainbow Loom craze. My then 5 year old niece promised to make me a bracelet. I was excited but knowing kids I wasn’t going to be disappointed if I never got the bracelet. See kids have the best intentions but it’s understandable when things don’t follow through…after all they’re only kids.

Today, I saw Princess Kaira (no ‘Princess’ isn’t a legal name but it’s just how we refer to her), and as soon as she saw me she took a bracelet off her hand and put it in mine. It was a beautiful Rainbow Loom bracelet. She spoke to me a bit about the bracelet and how she chose everyone in the family’s favourite colours to make this special bracelet.

I love the bracelet, the thought, the time and the care that went into making it. It took 2 years, but it’s all good. Reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:11 ‘He makes all things beautiful in his time…’

Basically this bracelet will be on my hand for a while.

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