Do Over!


What a morning! Who knew boys had so many emotions. I felt like a tornado just ripped through our home. We all had a part to play in how this morning played out and now that they’re out the door, I can’t stop thinking about what I would have done differently.

The truth is that mornings like today are VERY few and VERY far between and I’m so so grateful for that, but I want a do over! Wishing I had a reset button just about now.

  1. We had a cute thing we did, and still occasionally do.when we feel one of us needs a do-over.
    We push our belly buttons, pretending its a restart button, and ask God to help us start over.
    It was really cute when the kids were young. but that simple action used to help switch gears!

  2. Motherhood is defined by days like today, handling this morning and wanting a reset button is what makes you a real mother. You’re doing just fine. The fact everyone is where they suppose to be is quite an accomplishment. Hats off to another amazing day of motherhood. M is for the Million things you do. O is that you’re growing Old. T is for the Tears you shed to save them. H is for your Heart of purest gold. Put them all together they spell MOTHER. Happy Mother’s Day 💯

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