Trust the process


Every single time I feel like I’m ready to move on from this lesson something happens to show me that I’m not. Trusting God and His process is often hard, especially when it’s not readily evident what’s happening or what the end result is/will be. This is me…this is me right now.

This morning, as I saw my boys off to school, I looked at them. I saw two happy, contented boys with not a care in the world (or so it seems…I know they take in more than they let on).

They don’t seem consider their clothes…they trust it’ll be clean and sized right
They don’t seem consider their breakfast…they trust it’ll be prepared
They don’t seem consider their lunches…they trust it’ll been packed.
They don’t seem consider what will happen once they get to school…they trust their teachers will be there
They don’t seem consider dinner…they trust it’ll be on the table when they get home

They don’t seem to consider much…because they don’t have any reason to doubt that Rob and I will take good care of them.

We’ve never given them reason to doubt that. We’ve never violated their trust. We’ve never let them down. We’re always here for them.

To be honest, we’ve been known to forget to sign the odd school permission slip, complete their camp registration and our tooth fairy duties. But we’ve got the big things…the things that matter most.

This morning more than ever, I was reminded that I need to trust God and His process MORE than my boys trust me. I need to trust that even when I can’t see it all, knowing that He’s got me is all that matters. He’ll take good care of me.

He’s never given me any reason to doubt that. He’s never violated my trust. He’s never let me down. He’s always there for me for the big and the small things.

This process though…sigh

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