Noahism: Happy

Yesterday morning I taught Sunday School and part of the lesson required each child to fill out a little questionnaire about themselves. The standard questions: your name, your birthday, who is in your family, your best friend, etc, etc were there.

One other question was:

What will be your main job during your life?

I called a few kids up to read theirs and then I called on Noah.

Noah’s answer was:

To be happy.


To. Be. Happy.  Not a doctor, not a lawyer, not a teacher, not an athlete, not a creative. He didn’t list a profession. He simply said his main job during his life is to be happy.

Needless to say, I for one am super proud that he is able to make that distinction.

  1. As always awesome…but now it is your time to parent and teach him the difference between happiness and joy, being happy is circumstantial whereas joy in the Lord is forever…that is why it is so important to have His JOY by understanding if we put Jesus first, Others second and You last you will always have JOY…God bless and keep writing…love ya

  2. Wow !!! This was a different answer that set me thinking of the real meaning of a this thing call ‘life’ … It’s better to have a morsel of bread and be happy than to have a table spread with animosity. Don’t we leave everything we’ve worked hard and literally fight for behind? Don’t worry, be happy!!!

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