Over the last couple months my boys have gotten into an online game. It’s a game where they play in teams and work together to increase their rankings by playing against other teams.

Sounds simple enough and juuust like every other game no? Well, it’s not! My issue with this game is that once the boys are involved in a game, they cannot leave until the game is completed. This one rule has caused many frustrations, heated discussions, not to mention a few tears (I won’t say whose tears).

If the boys are playing and we have to go out, it’s prudent for me to give them an hour’s notice for the time of departure. If we’re eating dinner at a certain time, again, I have to give them sufficient notice. Once they’re in a game, they’re committed until the end of the game or if the entire team agrees to forfeit.

It irks me. But today I got to thinking about the what these expectations teach them. I’d admit, maybe I’m giving too much credit to the game, but it’s probably the only thing that’ll make me feel better about being held hostage by an online game!

So humour me if you will (and yes, I do realize there are a bunch of other ways to teach them these values and yes, their online time is limited…somewhat…kinda…most days…just being honest 😏), as I give credit to the expectations of this game for a couple reasons. First for reinforcing that a commitment is a commitment is a commitment. If you say you’re gonna do something. You gotta do it. If you’re gonna be somewhere…be there. Your word is everything. And secondly, that team work (apologies for the cliché in advance) is dream work. If you’re part of a team working towards a goal you can’t flake out when you’ve had enough or when you’re losing or just because you feel like it. You contribute to the team and you work together until the task is complete.

This message will self destruct before the boys realize I have this blog and I actually have pleasant thoughts about the game. 

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