August 23

Today is my birthday. I love birthdays. I love my birthday. Other people’s birthdays. I love celebrating. Who doesn’t like being celebrated.

So far this year has been one of reflection and growth. I’ve been reflecting on this thing called life. My life. How people, situations and things affect my life. What is important in my life. What serves no purpose in my life. How my life affects others.

Today on my birthday I choose to celebrate others.

My parents – frankly, without them there would be no me. So I celebrate them. I celebrate their drive, passion, sacrifice and selflessness. I wish I can do so much more for them than I’m able to do. I celebrate each and every time they did without being asked.

My sisters, their husbands, my niece and nephews – I celebrate their willingness and love to accept me for who I am and their understanding and support for the different roles we all play in making the family work. I celebrate the crazy…the crazy fun and the crazy crazy.

My peeps, my tribe and my village – those in this group hail from various aspects of my life. I’m grateful for them all. I celebrate what they bring into my life. The truths they’ve helped me uncover about myself. The many times they were able to remind me of the songs in my heart when I forgot the words or the words where difficult to come out.

My captain – you are my everything. I celebrate you for making me feel so special and loved each day not just on special days. No words here that you haven’t heard before. You da best!

My boys – man you guys up the level of excitement in my life. I celebrate your patience and your love for me. I celebrate your individuality and your passion for everything that interests each of you.

In church today, we sang a song we’ve sung many times before. But today, singing it on my birthday meant so much more.

“You give life, you are love…it’s your breath in my lungs…my heart will cry, these bones will sing Great are You Lord”

So, so thankful for the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. I rest easy knowing that His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future (Jer 29:11)

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