Answer the call


I’ve often said some of my greatest ‘ah-ha’ moments come from parenting my boys.

If you know me well, you’ve heard me complain that one of my sons doesn’t answer his phone or respond to text messages. Really, it’s not just my calls or messages, it’s everyone’s. And while I’m thrilled that his phone is not an appendage to his body, I’m not as thrilled that when I want to get in touch with him I cannot. 

His phone is constantly on ‘do not disturb’ mode, so no calls, iMessages or anything will go through. Furthermore, his voicemail goes something like this: “I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now…I’m too busy having fun…leave a message and I’ll call you back”.

The last thing you want to hear when you’re trying to reach your kid is that he can’t take your call because he’s too busy having fun. I love fun. I love how much my kid loves to have fun…but when I need to reach him I need him to pause his ‘fun’. 

When he does respond right away, I’m unable to contain myself and often forget my reason for contacting him. Thankfully…that’s few and far between. What he has little to no issues with is, contacting me. When he calls or texts I answer…and he’ll call and text multiple times until he gets the answer he’s hoping for.

Today my ‘ah-ha’ moment was ‘Tricia how many times are you like that with God?’ Gah! Just take that knife and turn it right in me. Sigh. How often do I go to God and keep going to Him until I get my answer? How often does He try to communicate with me and ‘I’m too busy having fun’ to stop and answer His call?

I know first hand the feeling of being on the receiving end of unanswered calls to one that I’ve given birth to, how can I possibly do that to the One that has given me life.

Yeah…so that’s about that. My greatest lessons come in the craziest ways.

Humbled always and thankful for grace.

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