Isaiah Talks: A thing about stars

 Sai: Mom, why is it that after I spot one star in the sky, a few minutes later I start seeing more stars? And I didn’t see them all before?

My initial thought was ‘let me Google that’. But here’s what actually came out…let me preface it by saying that my explanation has not been validated and may be completely wrong but it was an amazing set up for a teaching moment.

I explained to Sai that it’s likely because after seeing one star, your eyes/mind now know what to look for and therefore it’s easier to see other stars. Sort of like a crossword puzzle…you’re conditioning your eyes/mind to look for a word. Usually, once you find the first word, the others appear in quick succession.

Thinking about it some more, I thought to myself…’Self, this is a teaching moment, you might want to go deeper with this’.

So I did…because I’m obedient to myself.

I told Sai, this is why we should always to look for positive rather than focusing on the negative. Imagine the night sky’s darkness as sad times, difficult times, times when nothing seems to be going right. And then all of a sudden you force your mind to think about something positive.

Usually as soon as you think of that thing, other good memories start coming to mind. And pretty soon….in the middle of the ‘dark night sky’, you notice that it’s beautifully lit by lots of twinkling stars.

I got a few head nods from Sai and Noey. They get it.

So…to you my friend…the next time you find yourself in a ‘dark night sky’ situation. Look for a star. A single star will often lead you to another star and another and another, until your night sky is well lit and turns to a day sky.

  1. Great lesson taught to another generation that has been passed down from former generations. Great job!! Great parenting!!!

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