Conversations that matter

We’re leading a life group study on ‘Sharing Your Faith’ and each week I walk away with one thing on my mind.

“I need to stop having ‘good’ conversations.”

You know what those are right? Chances are you have ‘good’ or even ‘great’ conversations every day.

Here’s how one of my typical ‘good’ conversations go:


“How are you doing?”

“Good. Thanks for asking! You?”

“All good. *insert random small talk* Have a great day!”

“Yeah! You too!! Talk soon.”

*End of conversation


If I think along the lines that everyone I meet is unique (there’s not another like them), I’m missing truly fascinating facts about those I interact with (as they are about me) because I didn’t ask the right questions (or I didn’t answer in a deeper way).

Ok so how do I get past ‘good’ or ‘great’ conversations?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply need to be MORE.

More engaged. More thoughtful. More prepared. More.

That means I stop to consider the other person I’m having a conversation with and show real interest by listening. It also won’t hurt to prepare for conversations by being more thoughtful about the questions that I ask and risk being vulnerable when answering their questions.

Whoa…that’s too much work! Too much time investment in people to move past ‘good’ conversations.

Isn’t our purpose here on earth to love God and love people? Loving people takes time and when we take that time, we show our love to God because we’re investing in someone that He loves and cares about. I can’t tell people I love them and not show them.

It’s risky business being vulnerable. Some people don’t want to go past ‘good’ or ‘great’ conversations. I’m sure I’ll feel rejection. But that’s ok…because someone will and someone will need me to take that risk. Plus, I’ve got something that they need. Challenge/risk accepted 😉

So I’ve got a new commitment to ask questions that go past ‘good’ AND answer questions that go deeper than ‘good’.

I’m ready to start a conversation that matters. The other person may need it. Ha! I may even need it.

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