The power of one

This morning, every other post on my Instagram feed was one asking me to turn on my notifications so I’d continue to see their feeds. Ok…so let’s back it up a bit. Two weeks ago, Instagram announced that some changes would be made to their algorithm used for our feeds. The changes basically mean that posts would no longer be seen in chronological order, but rather by the posts that you interact with the most. Seriously annoying, but not the end of the world. Instagram also said that they’d give users fair warning when the changes would take effect. But for some reason, everybody their great aunt (not ‘great’ as in ‘awesome’ aunt, but you know…’great’ as in their parent’s aunt), brother and their doctor figured it would be happening within the next 24 hours.

One person…posted one image…that mobilized (what I assume to be) thousands of other people to follow suit. One person. One post.

Long story short…you can impact the world around you. One person at a time. 

Ok…so I know that was a really weird tie-in but it’s true. Whether your ‘stage’ is a stadium, school or your kitchen, people are looking for leaders.

So lead on and lead with love.


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