Wag that tail!

img_1259Dukie! He turns 1 on Monday…we’ll celebrate that. But we’ll also celebrate his ‘got ya’ day (i.e. the day we got him) in February. Anyway…every morning he comes with me to bring Sai to school. He knows the deal. Once he sees shoes being put on, he goes to the front door and sits and waits.

When we’re driving, this is his daily view. He looks out the passenger side window (can I just say how gross the passenger side window is because of this?) and just stares at people in their cars. He stares. And you know what people do? They smile and wave! They wave. At a dog.Have you ever tried staring at someone? Did they smile and wave at you?

I think I figured out why people smile and wave at dogs. And by figuring it out, I mean…I’ve done it too and here’s why I do it. Dogs are tail waggers. They’re always excited. Like they’re always on 100 when they see people. Even guard dogs…which Duke isn’t…he’ll jump on and lick you to death before he tries to hurt you.

People? Well we’re more finger pointers. We’re not always excited. We’re judgey…myself included.

Today, let’s try to be more tail waggers and less finger pointers. Not literally…you’d look weird if you started twerking at random people. But you get my drift…yeah? Good! Now go wag that tail.

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