Collect moments, not things…

IMG_1397.JPGSearching for an iPhone in the snow on a school’s field at 5:30pm sucks. Big time.

At one point, my ears and toes felt like they were being ripped away from my body. My finger tips were frozen and numb from holding my phone to get light.

Seeing the shiny tracks where the snow looked ‘polished’ by the many sleds that went down the hill, started to annoy me.

Eventually I snapped out of it. Ok fine…the act of ‘snapping out of it’ took 1 hr 13 mins and 53 secs. The lost phone was an unfortunate casualty of a fun memory. He’d been waiting all summer to use his new sled and today he finally got a chance to take it on a run.

I’ve lost things before. Many, many things. Heck…I’m surprised I haven’t lost either kid for an ‘extended’ period (and by extended I mean longer than 5…maybe 20 mins…cause…well yeah they’ve both been lost before).

Tomorrow will be a new day. The phone will still be buried in the snow and irretrievable. But the memory of sledding down the hill on his new racer (thanks Osbornes!) is a pretty fun memory.

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