Fire and flames…

Working on custom design for a friend, music playing (Hamilton…of course…the mixtape…get it and thank me later), water drinking and candle burning. Candle burning…fire is so intriguing to me. I got distracted and googling about fire.

Friends…this IS the story of my life. I feel like I get distracted and then I get pulled down a rabbit hole as I search for information on said distraction. I won’t tell you how many times Dr. Google diagnosed me with a fatal illness.

Anywho…in my fire research, this caught my eye “The brightest flames are not always the hottest.” Right?! Ok, so while the material that’s being burned has a huge impact on the flame’s colour, for the most part, the closer to white the flame is, the hotter it is.

My excitement went to level stupid thinking about how this translates to humans. One of my favourite sayings is one by @bobgoff “Bright lights don’t spotlights”.

See when you’re sure of yourself, there’s a sense of humility that comes with it. C.S. Lewis says that “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Remember that nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention. So shine bright, but shine on someone else.

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