Love your life…

IMG_1485.JPGThe Captain asked me to take this pic, so everyone say ‘hey Rob!’ And while I’ve got you on this pic, I’ll let you know…we’re done Christmas shopping and we’re ready for Chrismassing.

He made me a list, he checked it twice, he only got distracted once or twice. This pic was one of those times and the second was when he saw and spoke to Hayden Christensen, while Rachel Bilson looked on all fresh faced and beautiful.

Guys, they’re just like us. Come on…don’t we all go Christmas shopping at a mall in Newmarket. The truth is that they just wanted to be ‘regular’ people for one day. They want to live simple lives, we want to live lives in the spotlight.

Love the life you live (I say that as The Captain is channeling Captain America 😂).

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