15541659_1756827271307439_8910825588817906016_n.jpgToday is predicted to be the busiest travel day at Toronto Pearson. Well, Christmas is always a busy time for travel, but this year, Hanukkah falls on Christmas Day…so yeah.

Hanukkah is an 8-day celebration of a one miracle. After a time of religious persecution of and a major win for the Jewish people, they wanted to light the Temple’s Menorah as an act of rededication. Except…problem. There was only enough oil to light the menorah for one day. Somebody was freaking out! Miraculously, the menorah remained lit for 8 straight days.

Anyway, I was kinda thinking about how much focus we often place on the negative and how little focus is placed on the positive. Humans…we tend to under-celebrate and over-commiserate. I can totally see the script for the National Geographic special ‘Humans…why so glum?’

Ok…back on track.
8 days of celebrating.
For one miracle.
One. Miracle.

I’m in no way diminishing how GREAT that one miracle was…ALL miracles are great. I’m just looking at the value of the numbers right now…8 days of celebrating for 1 (albeit very big, stupendous) miracle.

During this time of year, as much as we want to be in the Christmas spirit, there’s often real anxiety as the end of the year approaches. Many thoughts about the goals that will go unmet, the mistakes that were made, the relationship statuses that were changed/are unchanged, the weight that was gained, the this…the that. Phew.

Can I just ask that for the next week you just celebrate? Think about and focus on all the good things that happened in 2016. Even if it wasn’t to the level that you thought it would or wanted it to be…just celebrate. You did well! If you only find 1 thing to celebrate for the next 8 days…just celebrate. Man…celebrate that you read this crazy long post…you totally deserve to celebrate that (and thank you by the way).

Oh..and on celebrations, would you help me celebrate my sister, who, today, added ‘Professor’ to her many titles. Congratulations Professor Dr. Krissy Thomas! Super proud of you!


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