Today was a day where the mom guilt was heavy. And it was for the most random reason.

This week I intentionally decided that it would be too busy to make dinner every night. Ok…well…not too busy, but more like I just wanted to be lazy. I knew I’d be doing THE MOST this weekend, so I intentionally planned to take it easy this week.

Well wouldn’t you know it…Mr Noah totally called me on it last night and said that he was tried of eating out! The audacity.

So literally all day I’ve been thinking ‘how do other moms do it’? I couldn’t believe that the lack of home cooked meals bothered him so much that he needed to say something. I felt bad…really bad that he had to ask for a home-cooked meal.

So when I left work I stopped to pick up some stuff to cook for dinner. Then I saw these flowers. So many different colours and varieties. The God that made these…even He took a day to rest. Rest is good. So what if I stretched it a bit…I was planning on taking 6, but ended up taking 4.

Anyway…the guilt is now gone. Not sure if it was the scrumptious home-cooked meal or if it was that I embraced that rest is good for the soul.

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