Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve. My family (Doyle) has our family dinner on Christmas Eve for as long as I could remember. When we were all at home, we’d eat dinner and then stay up until midnight to open presents. Youngest to the oldest. One present at a time.

There was always someone other than ‘family’ at the table. Mom had and still has the biggest heart. Our most recent family home could accommodate ‘tonnes’ of people. Our table sat like 22…there were only 6 of us.

But things weren’t always like that. There were very humble beginnings. Even in the humble beginnings (e.g. I once got a pair of shoes wrapped separately. Two gifts…but really one 😂), Mom found a way to show love to others at Christmas (and really all year).

It’s only at the holidays that I’m like ‘I wish we had a bigger home’. I wish I could invite everyone to celebrate and share a meal with us. I love hosting and I love sharing meals with people. It’s my happy place.

I want people, when they enter the front door, to feel the love that went into this evening. To feel and know that they’re special to us. I want even if I were to remove all the ‘things’ that the love would still be felt.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Christmas. A story of humility. A story of love. A king came as a baby because of love. A four letter word changed human history.

Whatever your Christmas celebrations look like – grand or just perfect – I hope that you experience and feel the love that this season brings.

Thank you for sharing this 21-day writing challenge with me…for reading, commenting and encouraging along the way. One thing that I took away from this experience is that there’s always something worth writing about. I end this challenge with eyes wide open and a full heart.


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