This morning I had breakfast with one of my girlfriends and I left with my bucket filled. Then I treated myself and got my nails done. The Captian made me promise not to remove the work that I paid someone to do. Because that’s what I do. I love the idea of treating myself to manicures but seriously…let’s be honest…I do it better myself. Like as I type this I’m feeling rough spots and nail polish bubbles and it’s taking everything within me not to redo my nails.

Anyway…this is the colour I chose. I grew up with only sisters, so I’ve always known the power of female friendships. As we got married and started our own families, though my sisters are always there if needed, physically, they’re far away. Same is true for my forever-girlfriends…even though close, they’re far.

The other night we were watching Ink Master (please don’t judge) and the ladies, though they were on different teams, were so supportive and considerate of each other throughout the episode…yes episodes…we watched more than one…no judging. It was refreshing. No crazy cat fights or the other nonsense that is often portrayed/scripted on TV. A breath of fresh air if you will.

See, I believe we’re inherently tribal. In times gone by women shared a lot more than they do today. Due to proximity, they cared for children, homes and cooked meals together…they literally did life together.

In our present society, we’re so busy in our own little worlds that we often neglect to make time to nurture our friendships. I fail miserably at this…missed birthdays, delayed text responses, coffee dates that don’t happen…the list goes on. But mornings like this morning, remind me of why I need to intentionally make time.

Women instinctively know how to nourish each other and just being together has healing potential.
Find your tribe. And if you can’t find one…create one.

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