Change rooms!

Went axe throwing with friends and I was dead last in the rankings for most of the game. The turn around came when I was paired up with Jessica (who was kicking butt and taking names with a smile). At first I feigned sickness…no one fell for it.

You have to throw…they said.
Be a good sport…they said.
Your victory could come at any minute…no…no one said that…I just felt like writing that. 😜

Surprisingly, we went throw for throw. Jess still won the round, but it gave me a much needed boost in the rankings. See, with Jess in the ‘cage’ with me, I was able to look at her form more closely and mimic her every move. Being in the presence of people who are better than us is never a bad thing…it’s how we improve, how we learn.

My mentor once told me ‘if you ever find yourself to be the best/smartest person in the room, change rooms…quickly.’ Today, I was reminded of that.

By the way…axe throwing is crazy fun. I’ll likely be sore in the morning, but I enjoyed every minute.

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