Just ask

Meet Dylan…maybe my youngest friend and new hockey player. Yesterday I went with his family to see him practice. Those little kids on skates are too cute! And with all their padding, there were few attempts to prevent falls…some were falling without even doing anything.

Anyway, I would’ve never considered checking out one of D’s practices. But he asked if the Captain and I could come to one, so I did. He was so good on the ice…thankfully his dad added green laces to his skates so he could be easily spotted, because they all looked the same!

D didn’t wait for me to volunteer to come to one of his practices…he just asked me to. Sometimes…for a variety of reasons, we’re often hesitant to ask for things. We expect others to clue into when we need a hand or a visit or a hug and when they don’t pick up on our clues? Cue the frustration and hurt.

Why put yourself through that? Need a hand, or a visit or a hug? How about you just ask…


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