My favourite room…

This room is the hub of our home. And I won’t have it any other way. In this room, we’ve:
Shared dreams
Extended forgiveness
Had teaching moments
Participated in very competitive yet friendly games
Had tough conversations
This is the room where friends and family alike gather and share a little bit of our lives. Our world. And vice versa.
I’m thankful for everyone who I’ve been able to sit in this kitchen with.
I’m thankful for those who say ‘yes!’ to dinner or breakfast or lunch.
I’m thankful for the ones who bring a dish to round out dinner.
I’m thankful for the ones who bring desserts that are full of gluten.
I’m thankful for the ones who clean up after dinner and unpack the dishwasher when I’m needed elsewhere.
See family means the world to me and I’m thankful that I have so, so many people that I consider family. From blood family to ‘close’ family who show up when needed.
Quite simply family is the heart of it all. And I’m waaaaay blessed by mine.

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