A snail on a path

Guys! For the last two weeks I’ve been itching to start back writing. They say if you wanna get better at something you should do it everyday. Plus. So. Many. Thoughts. In this head of mine. But (there’s always a but huh?) finding the time can be so hard. And yes, I know Beyoncé has the same 24 hours that I have and she’s a megastar. But she’s a megastar meaning, who has a stupendous amount of help and let’s face it I really doubt she does everything I do in my day. Not even half…and for the half she may do again…help. So save that…don’t wanna hear it.

Anyway – opened IG today and saw this pic from @peppy_pepster. And I squinted (mostly because I wasn’t wearing my glasses) intently at the pic. A couple things popped out to me…buckle up:

  1. The path seemed really rocky. Reminded me that no pathway is without small obstacles. Regardless of how smooth the path may seem in hindsight or from a bird’s eye view there’s always texture below the surface. Nothing is as smooth as it seems.
  2. Snails are super small. Like tiny things. However, compared to the individual rocks that make up the path, the snail is actually quite large. Regardless of the obstacles we face…we’re large enough to conquer it.

So that’s it…there’s my daily dose of ‘you can do it!’.

Last thing…at McDonald’s drive thru today the car ahead paid for my lunch…I felt good and guess what? The kid at the drive-thru? He was grinning from ear to ear as he told me my meal was free. One person’s act of kindness touched two people today. And yes, there was regret about choosing McDonalds for lunch…minor regret but regret all the same.

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