Value and such

This skateboard belongs to one of the little humans that we are responsible for. Actually, as per @captain_noir, it belongs to us, we just ‘lend it’ to them. Anyway, this has been ‘home’ for the skateboard that ‘we-own-but-the-little-humans-use’ for the past 2 months. It gets used and it goes right back here. In the open. For all to see. And for some, with ill intentions, to possibly steal.

Why would they leave this thing of value out in the open? Why not walk 10 more steps with it and bring it inside? (Ok that was a silly question – he wouldn’t do that because I’d likely lose my mind about the ‘dirty’ skateboard being in the house. I’ve got issues people.) But I mean…the garage…it’s right there.

Sometimes we put things we value in precarious places and then when it gets damaged we think ‘why me’. What do you value and what are you doing to ensure the safety of it?

Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

On that note, since this is my skateboard and I know it’s value I’m gonna go put it away.

#GuardYourHeart #WhatDoYouValue

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