Please time…slow down

I’m pretty sure I’ll forever see him as my baby but oh my word…time sure does fly. I’ll forever remember the fact that for years he had no ankles or wrists. He was purrrrfectly chubby. I thought he’d never grow out of it and I would have been totally fine with that.

Concerts with @captain_noir would likely always be their ‘thing’. Rob captured this at the Chance The Rapper concert last night.

When I look at this pic, I hope:

  • He never loses his sense of wonder
  • His eyes will forever be lit with hope and expectation
  • His heart will remain soft but guarded
  • He will always be okay with being different. Because different isn’t bad.

All the times that I whispered or thought ‘I wish they’d grow up already’ are now replaced with ‘Please time…slow down!’

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