Tricia Wright

Grace…for moms

This smile sometimes masks too many moments of doubt and second-guessing at this parenting thing to count.

Have I ever told you about my friend, who happens to also be a psychologist? Met her about 3 years ago. Oddly enough I didn’t meet her because I went to her for counselling. But rather, I traipsed into her office one day to discuss a website redesign. Lol. I kid you not. She was sweet…a friendship developed right away…an agreement to the website redesign did not…at least not right away. Once a month, we’d meet up for lunch or dinner to just to catch up.

Personally I loved it, because I loved hearing her take on things that I’d share. I think she loved it because I’d share my faith with her and let her know that I was praying for her and the things she’d share with me. I mean…prayer would be the best thing right? After all…I’m not gonna give a psychologist advice. Right?

Anyway this week she got a good laugh on my account because of a recent parenting-fail that I shared. She showed me where / how I could have done better / differently and I added the advice to my parenting tool-box for the next time. Because there will be a next time.

Let’s be honest…I’m really good at beating myself up when I thought I failed as a parent. Even after the apologies and the subsequent forgiveness, I’d think ‘when am I gonna get this right?’

Truth is I’m never gonna get it right and I thankful that God has grace for us all, including moms and parents. He must have known we’d need it right? I mean why else would be send His precious son to be born to a virgin. Couldn’t He choose an ‘established’ family with a mom with 10 years+ experience…a perfect mother? Likely not, because He knew there’s no such thing. But even better…by choosing a virgin, He’s telling me that He has grace for my mistakes, that perfection isn’t required…just a heart of love.

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