Niagara Falls vibe


We stole away to Niagara Falls today. We found parking for $5 at the Casino (can I get a woot woot?) so you should remember that for when next you visit and thank me later. The walk to The Falls was beautiful…because it was all downhill.

As we approached the Falls I thought it was drizzling. The Captain convinced me that it was just the mist from the Falls. We were still a bit of a distance away…and the mist was pretty intense. It’s been a while since we visited The Falls but I don’t quite remember that intensity. There was a slight breeze as well so guessing that helped to carry some of the mist further?

Anyway, I started thinking about what/how people feel when they’re approaching and in my presence. The Falls are so powerful that its mist carried quite a distance. The mist was a signal that The Falls were close. The mist drew people closer to experience the splendour of The Falls.

Does my vibe make people feel at peace in my presence or does it send them running? Do they wanna sit for a while or are they figuring out exit strategies? Most importantly do they wanna know what’s so different about me?

The deep thoughts ended as we walked to the Skywheel…does anyone else feel that two rotations are enough? We went around like 4 times! Maybe it felt longer because we spotted funnel cakes and immediately wanted off.

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