Fight or flight…

I have a ridiculously sensitive sense of smell. Sometimes I walk into a room and realize that there is a ‘situation’. A ‘situation’ that causes my olfactory sensory neurons to go into overdrive.

The cause isn’t readily seen or visible, so I delve deeper into finding the source. I’m intentionally smelling things…everything…in sight (and some out of sight) for the revelation.

Often times, it’s because I know that if I don’t get the ‘situation’ handled, it can turn into a stinkier ‘situation’. But let’s be honest…sometimes, it’s because I want to eat whatever that smell draws me to (obviously in the case of delicious smells).

So I’m thinking about how sometimes during negative situations, we try to run away from it. The aim is often to get as far away from it as possible. Flight is the instinct, instead of fight (digging deep for the revelation).

My aha moment today is that situations can bring us revelations. Dig deep and endure until the revelation comes.

Disclaimer: This H&M candle is the best…and it’s not being used to disguise any scents.

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