This morning I was stopped by a cop, while bringing Sai to school. Don’t ask. As he was coming to my door, this guy 👇🏾 walked into my lap, trying to get to the window to greet the cop.

I kid you not. The cop briskly walked away from my door to the front of my car and asked if my dog bites. I was speechless.

I reassured him that Duke doesn’t and has never bitten anyone. The cop then said that his sister was bitten by a dog when she was a child.

I told him I was sorry to hear that, as I guided Duke away. So it got me thinking that everyone has their fears. Everyone. No matter your status or rank. Even the police officer who serves AND protects had his fears.

Then I got home and our garage door starting opening and closing every 2 mins on its own. Cue MY fears…lol. Tried everything. Nothing worked.Robert came home to handle it, cause I just couldn’t do anymore.

Then Noah messaged that he lost his pants…it was a joke. But with the previous sequence of events…I took it seriously. 😂

So…how was your day?

Song that was on repeat: Not Today.

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