You just gotta tell them

I like to love him. And so grateful that we can find things to laugh about in the midst of serious circumstances. And by ‘things’…more often than not, I mean he makes fun of me.

Anyway, a few months ago it was uncovered that my iron level was ‘dangerously’ low. While I was taking it very seriously, getting the tests that they required me to have done, etc, I didn’t really let it rule my life or cause fear. In my mind, once I got the tribe praying for me (and I did) I’d be all set (and I was)!

Today, I had my first iron infusion. Didn’t know what to expect but I walked with snacks so I knew I’d be fine. Standard procedure. They had folks in, hooked up and out of there like nothing.

Sitting there got me thinking:
– I had no idea how dangerously low my iron level was. I was living life like normal not even giving a second thought as to what would happen if. I felt unwell sometimes, but not enough for me to do something or nothing ‘a quick nap’ wouldn’t solve.
– I didn’t know that a simple procedure like this could be life changing – in terms of wellness, energy, etc. This infusion was necessary…I just needed somebody to tell me that.

Then of course I started thinking about the spiritual parallel. So many aren’t giving a second thought to the ‘what if…’ or are finding temporary solutions to happiness. On the other hand, so many others aren’t sharing how life changing a simple decision could be.

Thankful for Jesus’ love and blood and feeling empowered to tell others about Him because everybody ought to know how much He loves them and how life changing it could be to simply love Him back! And that last sentence was a run-on sentence but who cares!

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