I love any and every thing that sparkles or shines. If it were appropriate to wear sequins on Tuesdays I would. Nothing personal against Tuesdays. Just picked it because it’s just ‘another’ day. Personally speaking I love Tuesdays. Ever since @joncslater left the nest, it’s become our Tribe Dinner night. We try to share a meal with other people in our community. Maybe I’ll wear something sparkly for the next one.

Anyway, back to sparkles. They’re pretty. But they can also be pretty messy. Finishing up Christmas decorating today because Isaiah’s birthday is finally here…and there were sparkles and glitter everywhere.

Closer look and there were bits that reflected light and others that were dark. And I thought, well isn’t that just like life. Some bright moments, some dark ones, sometimes messy but all in all it’s a pretty amazing thing.

So don’t focus too much on the moments that have no shine, the lovely moments reflect beautifully off of them.

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