Tricia Wright


I like boxes. Boxes help me organize my thoughts and my life. They keep everything in order. They keep things nice and tidy.

I think boxes enable my need to know.

To know what to expect.

To know what comes next.

To know what needs to be done.

To know.

The unknown makes me uncomfortable. It feels like taking a risk was waaay riskier for me than the average person. I admire people who could try things and fail and get back up and try again.

This year, I stepped out of my box a wee bit. Well, maybe I didn’t ‘fully’ step out, I just stood up with one foot dangling out of my box 😂. I’d like to believe that it’s because I’m short…my foot technically isn’t fully planted out of the box.

It was scary. It felt crazy but it was needed and liberating (after the hyperventilating). I wish I could vehemently say ‘No more boxes.’ I cannot right now but that’s the goal.

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