Know Thyself

Now that I’m committed to writing every day, I look for inspiration everywhere. And I mean. Every. Where. For example, today’s inspiration comes from breakfast. Well, I’m always inspired about breakfast but finding something inspiring to write is another story.

So we had eggs this am 👆🏾and you know that whole illustration about the eggs, potato and coffee in boiling water? The one where it asks are you gonna get hard, soft or super tasty? Yeah that one 🙌🏾. THIS is not that one 😀.

This is about the water. No one ever talks about the water.

Boiled eggs get hard.

Boiled potatoes get soft.

Boiled water poured s l o w l y over coffee grounds results in heavenly-tasting brewed coffee (thanks Chanelle)

Hard, soft, delicious…all different outcomes of the same element staying in its lane and doing its do.

So this is where the know thyself comes in. When you focus on being you and the values you hold true…you can’t help but leave everything around you a little bit better than when they first came into contact with you.

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