Anybody else confused as to why there are so many tags on clothes these days? Like they’re the smallest things and they feel like a big bother. Yet, I always leave them on. You know…just in case I need to refer to them in the future or something. But I never do. And they simply irritate and get in the way.

I cut off these tags yesterday. All six of them…actually I think there were only four but six sounds more dramatic…jus sayin’🤷🏾‍♀️. As I was cutting them off I thought about how many other things I hold on to that are useless and serve no good purpose to my life.

Truth is I throw everything out. One summer Noah didn’t bring any school work home and when I asked him about it he said ‘I threw it out at school…you would have thrown it out anyway right mom?’ Heeey…no judging. It broke my heart but he was absolutely right.

Let’s just say…I’m not that mom who has memory boxes for her kids. Sometimes I wish I was, but I tell myself that comparison is the thief of joy and ain’t nobody got time for that 😂. We do memories in a different way and it works for us.

I don’t save anything that I’m not 100.54% that I’ll use. But sometimes I hold on to things that hurt me. Things that I should really let go. As I was cutting off those tags I thought about those things. Why do I do that? Just in case I need to refer to it later? I don’t need that kind of botheration in my life. And yes, botheration is a word. Fun no?

Maybe, just maybe those tags served their purpose yesterday…a good reminder.

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