Day 8 – Seven

I’m glad we celebrate Christmas in December. Just seems like the best way to end off a year. As December rolls around for one reason or another people start to get weary.

There’s a buzz of excitement but also a hum of exhaustion or maybe even the hiss of not-so-good memories/feelings that are heightened during this season. If Christmas wasn’t in the last month of the year, I bet this month would be a bit more challenging to endure.

Yesterday I drove past a new housing development and an empty lot right smack in between houses caught my eye. It looked so odd to have a space of nothing flanked by beautiful homes. Then I remembered when our home was being built, we noticed the same thing on our street. We asked the builder about it and he said it was a fire prevention strategy. If they left a lot empty (if I recall correctly I think it was the seventh lot), in the event of a fire, the empty lot created a bit of a buffer between the homes. The fire wouldn’t spread as quickly. They were built eventually but only after all other homes went up.

If we look closely there are reminders to stop and take a break all around us. Red lights. Stop signs. Brakes on our cars. Faucets that shut off. Lights that turn off. Days off. Refuelling our cars. Eating even. Yes. Eating. The list goes on.

I love Banksy’s quote that says ‘If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit’. Sometimes situations may feel so overwhelming that throwing in the towel may seem like the most effective thing to do. But all you really need is to rest. Add a stop. Create some margin. Enforce a ‘seventh lot’ so that the whole thing doesn’t burn down.

And for those who may not be as overwhelmed this season. Eyes wide open and hands ready to help those who may need encouragement, should be your goal.

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