Howie and LaLa (Kamilah) are two of Rob’s oldest friends. But they can attest that their friendship got a whole lot better once I joined the picture 😂. Any onlookers into our kitchen last night, would have thought it was pure chaos.

We could have…probably should have…followed the ‘Lord of the Flies’ approach and hold something to indicate when it was our turn to speak. But we preferred to talk over each other. Continuously. Until the other person was silenced. Belly laughs. I mean R E A L belly laughs. One belly laugh came about mid sip…you know the rest.

Anyway, at one point in the evening I started to think how can I migrate this into the family room. The chairs might comfier than being confined to a table. The room itself is bigger. You know…just more entertainy. But we spent almost 5 hours at the kitchen table. And my friends…that’s always the case.

Our kitchen is my absolute favourite room in our home. I LOVE and I mean LOVE my kitchen. I love that it’s the one room where there could be random dancing, frantic yelling, wiping of tears, hugs, encouragement, meal prep, mess cleanup, kissing. You should know, there’s a high probability and likelihood that ALL of these (and more) can happen on any given night. I mean ALL. And the high probability is because it has…

So I was thinking about how our kitchen table isn’t ‘perfect’. When it first got made it was perfect but as time went on it became a little worn. There are scratches, drawings, words…come by and look where Noah sits and you can probably find a story written in it, a few cracks because the wood has expanded and contracted, a couple discoloured spots, just to name a few things. Despite its imperfections the table serves us so well in times of celebration, sadness, pull-it-together moments, collaboration and so much more.

Like our kitchen table, you don’t have to be perfect or have your act together to bring joy, encouragement and be a support to others. People need us just as we are – scratches, battle wounds, wobbliness and all.

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