I have a couple friends who are sound technicians and recently, we were chatting about the issues they face when doing a live event. Now it’s live…anything can go wrong. But they said one that tops their list is if performers adjust their own sound levels from the stage.

Usually performers are people who should have some sort of competency in that area, meaning that a singer should know how to hold a tune and a musician should know how to play one. So, let’s assume that these facts stand and that the singers and musicians are in fact good at what they do, why is it a problem if they adjust their levels?

The sound technician has an ideal vantage point during an event. They’re usually mixed in (to some degree) with the audience. They’re not isolated on a stage with other performers and musicians surrounding them. Oh man that was odd, isolated on stage with people surrounding them makes no sense…are the really isolated 😂?

Anyway you get the drift yeah? They have the perfect line of sound (is this a thing? What’s the sound version of line of sight?) to be able to mix levels to produce the best sound for the audience.

When performers adjust their own levels because they’re unable to hear themselves, they do so in isolation. At this point this post can go many different ways. But here’s where I’m going.

You could be the best at what you do…but advice/counsel is always a good idea. And not advice/counsel from just anybody but from people who have knowledge in that specific area. Counsel gives a perspective that can’t always be seen because we may be too close to the situation/circumstance.

Did you know that one of the top advice that CEOs or leaders get is to get a coach? Advice/counsel is something that we should all seek out…unless of course you’re the best in the room. And what’s that saying again? If you’re the best in the room…find a new room, but then…I’ll add…find counsel in that room too.

Proverbs 20:18

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