It’s that time of year when I recall everything that happened in the year. Thinking back to this year and there’s SO much to be grateful for.

Earlier this year, this tattoo started off as a line. Seriously a single line, that’s all I really wanted. I got it after a particular situation occurred and for me it was representative of boundaries. The situation had left me hurt and I decided creating boundaries was the only way to get around, over or through it.

Let me tell ya, that line made for some very interesting conversations. Friends who saw it were like…”That looks unfinished”, “What’s with the line, is more being done to it?” Once I explained to them, they got it. They had been praying for me with regards to this situation as well.

In the weeks leading up to my decision to change it, my girl friend gave me a golden feather ring holder, because she knows I have a history of losing my rings – she’s come over many times and always sees them lying around. So she’ like ‘Right…this is a gift for you, to help you to remember to keep important things like your rings safe.’

A couple weeks after, I was thinking about the situation which still hadn’t had any closure at all and decided it was time to move on. It was time to process the situation, move on [and forgive], in my head and my heart. I was kinda done with being stuck. To me, the arrow represented movement and focus, both of which I was more than ready for. And the feathers on the end? They remind me that my movement and actions should always be graceful and hopefully anyone who catches a glimpse are inspired to move too.

I kid you not. Two weeks after I got the arrow. We received a phone call and the situation was FINALLY resolved. It was a long 7 months. It took a lot of faith to make that move to get unstuck, even though there was no proof of any change around me. Everything and anything can change with just one decision to move forward, even if nothing around seems like you should.

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