Christmas reminds me…perfection isn’t required

Some of the beautiful people in our circle, are married but aren’t yet parents. They often get real live glimpses…let’s be honest…sometimes full out shows into our family. Our young men are buoyant to say the least. There is NEVER a dull moment.

Who knows, maybe they’ve previously thought ‘parenting is easy’ and then they spend an hour to two with us and they’re like ‘nah…I’ll pass.’ Lol. I kid. But for real, I hope this isn’t the case. I too thought parenting would be a breeze…I mean, as a child the last thing I considered was how good a job my parents thought they were doing. They were the ‘best. parents. ever.’

But since becoming a parent I’ve found that it’s probably the single most difficult, yet THE most fulfilling, ‘job’ I’ve had. And it’s not even that challenges happen often, it’s just the enormous weight of the pressure of raising good human beings who 85% of the time remember to close the kitchen cupboard doors.

Truth is I’m not gonna be a perfect parent and I thankful that God sprinkles…scratch that…He pours grace over everything I do. He must have known I’d need it right? I mean why else would He send His precious son to be born to a virgin in a stable. He didn’t choose a ‘established’ family with a mom with years of experience, who had the most beautifully curated home and perfectly mannered children…you know…a perfect mother.

I’d reckon that He chose a virgin to remind me that He has grace for my mistakes, that perfection isn’t required…just a heart of love.

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