Christmas reminds me…life’s easier in community

Bible story time!! So Mary was visited by an angel and was told that she’d become pregnant and will give birth to a son. I understand Mary’s confusion and if put on the spot, can even definitely create my own dramatic presentation (cause you know it WILL be dramatic) of how this whole thing played out. But I’ll save that for when you see me in person.

So Mary’s confused right. She’s probably thinking “how can this happen, I’ve never slept with a man before. I’m about to be married and I’m pretty sure that this little news right here…this what you’re telling me beautiful angel…this news WILL ruin those plans.” She probably tries pinching herself because ‘she can’t even’. The angel then says her baby will be called the Son of God. Right…Mary’s still confused. But little did she know that 6 months before, her cousin Elizabeth who was barren and not to mention, old, became pregnant. So the Angel discloses this news to Mary and paraphrasing here (like I wasn’t before right?)…Mary says ‘Cool…I’m ready for this, your will be done.” Then, Mary “hurried” to go see Elizabeth.

You see, Mary trusted that God would take care of all that He had called her to do. But in addition, I believe it was easier for Mary to accept the impending shade that was gonna be thrown her way, AND celebrate the amazing role God chose her to fulfill, because Elizabeth was also pregnant in a supernatural way.

Life’s circumstances (good, bad and indifferent) are always, always, always better when shared with others. Find your tribe and love them hard, because life’s easier in community.

Shout out to this particular tribe right here…melanin poppin in this shot right heeerrrreeee. Ayeeeee! 💁🏾‍♀️

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