Christmas reminds me…beautiful things can result from imperfect conditions

I’m a much better cook than I am a baker. Baking makes me nervous. I feel like I have to have the exact measurements, added and stirred in a specific way for anything to be remotely edible. Cooking on the other hand? Now cooking is where I shine. I can literally whip things up and change as I go (even if I add cinnamon instead of cumin to the refried beans) and the dish is still scrumptious (I think).

I knew the exact date and time that Isaiah would be born so you bet your bottom dollar that I was fancy huh (nails done, hair done, everything did). I know I know. Super cheesy but I had to! 😂 Anyway, then I consider Mary. It’s very likely for a mom-to-be, she was freaking out a tad about the state of her birthing room that night. The truth is she probably wanted better conditions but all she had was a manager. But in that lowly birthing room a king was born.

I’m not at all suggesting to make movements when you’re ill-prepared. I am saying that the first step you take doesn’t have to be perfect. The conditions before you make that first step even don’t have to be perfect. Have things in place…after all Mary had a manager…but if it doesn’t look like the picture perfect story keep going. Beautiful things can result from imperfect conditions.

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