Christmas reminds me…to trust the process

Some portrayals of the Christmas story may give minimum stage time to Elizabeth. She often assumes more of a supporting actress role in the story. While she’s not really the focus, her story is sooo important and beautiful.

Elizabeth was barren for many years. In those times, it was probably very embarrassing for her to not be able to conceive. This, compounded with her mom-dreams being shattered month-after-month, was probably an unimaginable burden. Maybe being a mom was a dream that she shelved for obvious reason.

But there was a bigger plan for Elizabeth that she wasn’t privy to. I started writing ‘there was a bigger plan for this old, barren woman’, but erased it. Yes, she was definitely old and definitely showed signs of being barren, but those were just circumstances not her destiny. I shouldn’t use those adjectives to define her, because the delay in her becoming a mom was all part of a bigger plan. A more beautiful plan than she could ever imagine for herself.

She may have not been able to conceive for a large portion of her life but…she when she became pregnant, it was BIG. The baby she was going to give birth to had an incredibly important role to play as he did life with Jesus the Messiah.

Trust the process. A delay is just that…a delay.


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