Christmas reminds me…there’s hope

The Christmas story is so much like the story of our lives. We know what we’re supposed to do, we follow the rules, but the wheels sometimes fall off.

Mary is well along in her pregnancy and by this time I can bet she’s excited about giving birth to Jesus. So there’s an excitement and buzz of a new baby’s impending arrival in the air. Then the news comes that there’s a census and that they need to return to Bethlehem. Mary’s fully pregnant and has to make a 130 km trip to be counted in the census.

Whether on foot or on donkey, there’s no question this was a dreadful trip. I mean…I don’t look forward to 7 hour family road trips even though it take less time and is quite luxurious compared to walking or riding a donkey. I try to imagine the trip to Bethlehem, but I don’t think I can ever fully.

Christmas. There’s a palpable feeling of excitement in the air. But for some in the midst of that excitement, there’s sadness, fear, anxiety, worry. My friend @hopeinhispresenz, writes often about hope. A hashtag she uses often is #hopefortheharddays. Because sometimes life sucks. And it sucks for everyone…no one is exempt from it. Today @barklah also encouraged her followers to remember those for who this season can just downright suck for.

Mary had a painful, dreadful, long and tiring trip to the ‘destination’ of a lifetime. And that reminds me that there IS hope for the hard days.

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