Christmas cookies and Elf…#Christmas2017


– I had no idea sugar cookies took so long to make 😩

– someone (ahem Jessica) suggested getting pilsbury cookies instead 🤔.

– someone else (Jurdaine) said ‘nah we could do it’ 🤗.

– I realized I tossed my cookie cutters last year because I never used them 🙄.

– so someone else (Robert) had to go buy new cookie cutters 😘.

– Jess and Noah went out and came back with a fish 🤨. His name is Jerry…he’ll be dead in 8 weeks.

– Isaiah was putting together a video for church and every time he was done more photos would be sent that needed to be added 😂.

– there’s another plate of cookies that I decorated that weren’t suitable for camera.

All of this took place in 2 hours. But just look how delicious and pretty those cookies are! #reallife

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