In development

If you watched my Instastories this morning, you’d know that it’s was an early one for me. So early morning + cancelled school buses = a ‘relaxing’ morning. Meaning there was enough time to talk about basketball😏. Wait what? Who am I kidding? Basketball conversation is like air over here…it’s here ALL THE TIME…and oddly…I think it gives the boys life.

Anywho, of course the exciting news this morning was how Toronto gave Cleveland a chi-town beatdown last night. Even more exciting was the fact that Lorenzo Brown, a Raptors 905 player, got ‘called up’ and last night he played for the Raptors. It was big for the boys because they’re like ‘we literally just saw him play a couple weeks ago at the Raptors 905 game and just like that he’s playing for the Raptors’.

So here I was trying to have my quiet time (Bible reading + coffee) in sweet peace🏝 ( ⇠ what I think peace looks like) and there’s complete ruckus 📣 and excitement about the Raptors win. Maybe now would be a good time to add…even on a regular school day, I’d be yelling, texting, calling and dragging the boys to get downstairs for breakfast. But today? Today everyone was WIDE awake.

Ok…back to the story. So then I started to get excited to because I’m like aren’t we all in ‘development’? We’re all working to get somewhere, to be something more. And like Lorenzo, you really just have to keep working until that opportunity becomes available. You never know when it’ll happen or what it would look like, so don’t give up. If you’re working for something keep working at it. if you’re praying for something keep praying for it…your time could be just around the corner. ♕

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