3 Things We Do On Sunday Evenings

It’s Sunday night and a new week starts tomorrow. I love routines. I mean I love vacations and breaks from the norm as well, but there’s something about routines that make me feel like I have my act together.

Here are 3 things we do on Sundays to help prepare us for the week.

1) Review everyone’s calendar for the week ahead

Having kids with busier social lives than me, makes for a very interesting week. Whether it’s basketball practice or youth meeting, there’s always something to do, somewhere they need to be.

So we review everyone’s calendar to see if there are any conflicts. Adding events to the family calendar (woot woot for technology) as they’re booked makes this really simple to review on Sunday evenings.

2) Have a meal plan

Sometimes I write my plan down other times it’s just in my head. But having a plan for meals saves me a whole lotta time on the day of.

Money. It also save me money. Because when I don’t have a plan I often give up and get take out for dinner. So knowing what meals I’ll be prepping is a great help.

3) Goals for the week ahead

I get my journal out and write down the things that I have to, have to, have to get done. Not only big deadlines but small things as well. Except calling the vet. I try to avoid adding that to my list because he’s a talker…and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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