Why Black Panther?

Often I have to literally pump myself up to go to certain venues. The theatre is one of them. But tonight we’re going! So today all day I’ll be doing all the mental preparations necessary. And truth be told, I may get everybody strip down and put their clothes in the laundry as soon as we get back home…but I’ll do my best to restrain myself .
So why Black Panther? Because it’s the first superhero movie with an African superhero, an African-American director, a majority-black cast. Does this make it better than other superhero movies? Probably not…although Lupita Nyong’o is in it and Kendrick Lamar did produce the soundtrack…soooooo….maybe?  Ok I kid.

The storyline will probably be the same about just every other superhero movie, but it’s about the vision of this movie. Tonight, my boys will see a representation of themselves in a positive light on the big screen! Like more than 1 person in the squad. It’s gonna be the whole entire squad!! Can we say 

You see even for school projects when I’m reviewing their work I ask ‘do you think you can add a family that look like us into this collage?’ You’d think I didn’t have to. But that’s reality. Out of sight is sometimes out of mind…even when it’s your day to day life. So that’s why we’re going tonight. Because the more successful movies like this are the better for everyone.

So this isn’t a Black thing…it’s really an everybody thing. Stay tuned for my review tomorrow! (Just have to figure out how to take notes without my phone’s light disturbing people! 

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